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Appearance Group Qualifications

There's a reason we clean more coporate aircraft than anyone else in the world.

No one knows more about the proper care and maintenance of your aircraft's appearance than Appearance Group. We've been providing comprehensive detailing services on every type and size of corporate aircraft since 1990. In fact, our specialists service more than 250 turbine-powered aircraft every week at service centers throughout the United States. Our experienced and dedicated personnel, exacting standards and a relentless emphasis on customer satisfaction make Appearance Group an industry leader that merits your continued trust. When working around sophisticated aircraft, there's no margin for error. That's why we focus on ensuring that everyone who touches your aircraft is the most qualified, talented specialist available.

Each of our employees are carefully evaluated and selected from hundreds of applicants because they meet our extremely high performance standards and measures criteria. All personnel must pass 10-year background checks and are required to meet FAA-approved random drug testing qualifications. They have the knowledge and advanced training needed to respond to any customer request quickly and efficiently. Finally, our nationwide network of facilities makes Appearance Group a convenient choice when planning your maintenance schedule. Each location offers the same stellar service and quality workmanship.

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