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Appearance Group Leather Services

Leather Care & Maintenance Under FAA Repair Station #7AGR730Y:
Our leather care restoration and maintenance program offers you significant savings when implemented in place of leather replacement for your aircraft. Utilizing Townsend Leather with Scotchgard™ Protector cleaning and conditioning products, our OEM-trained experts will restore your leather finish to a like-new condition within days. All leather services are conveniently offered on-site when the aircraft is down for other maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance:
A proactive leather program that includes the application of additional protective top coats to specific high wear areas dramatically reducing the risk for potential problems in the future.

Ongoing Maintenance:
A well- integrated program of scheduled cleaning and conditioning that includes onboard corrective procedures such as ink stains, abrasions or scuffs. Once implemented, a preventative maintenance program is all that is necessary to keep your interior looking like new.

After years of useful service your leather may still be in good condition although it may look worn or stained. This leather can be restored to a like-new condition by our FAA certified experts through a refinishing program that applies new color and top coats to the existing leather.

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