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Appearance Group Exterior Services

The appearance of your aircraft's exterior also makes a statement about the standards you set. We realize that our work reflects not only on our company, but on you, too. That's why we take such care in tending to every detail when maintaining the appearance of your aircraft. From wiping down all exterior surfaces by hand to ensure a spot-free finish or exterior hand waxing, to polishing the bright work, refinishing the boots or applying a protective coating of Teflon®, Appearance Group specialists offer a comprehensive line of exterior maintenance services that deliver unsurpassed quality and attention to detail on every task.

Complete Exterior Wipedown:
Complete airframe hand wipedown producing a clean, spot-free finish. In addition to the main fuselage and tail, it includes all other areas such as the top and belly, underside of wings and flaps, wheels and landing gear plus cabin windows.

Partial Exterior Wipedown:
Includes wipedown of areas needing attention usually consisting of the nose, top of the wings and leading edges, top of flaps, underside of the engines, the part of the belly from the nose to the leading edge of wings, landing gear doors and cabin windows.

Brightwork Buff Polish:
Process removes minor scratches, oxidation and waterspots, restoring the brightwork to a mirrored, brilliant shine. If applicable, this service includes leading edges, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, cockpit windshield frames, APU shrouds, thrust reversers, engine inlet rings and throats.

Strip and Polish De-ice Boots:
Process includes cleaning and stripping worn finish off the surface of the boots. Applying an approved refinishing treatment designed to protect and polish the boots, leaving a like-new glossy finish.

Exterior Hand Waxing:
Performed on painted surfaces to prevent deterioration, such as dulling and oxidation. This service is accomplished by applying a cleaner-type wax by hand.

Exterior Compound and Polish:
Performed to save painted surfaces that are already showing premature signs of deterioration, such as dulling and oxidation. This service is accomplished by machine compounding all painted surfaces. An application of gloss sealant is then applied to restore the shine, produce a “watery look" and protect the paint in order to extend its service life.

Exterior Teflon® Protectant Treatment:
Performed on exterior painted surfaces with a specialized Teflon ® protectant that protects and increases the life and shine of the paint.

Permagard Reactive Polymer Treatment:
A long-lasting process suitable for all types of paint creating a high quality protective coating with glass-like finish that is extremely shiny and smooth to touch. It provides a durable barrier against harsh contaminant deterioration of the paint and premature oxidation.

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